The adventure begins

The adventure begins at 6:45 AM at the Marina Flamenco Pier, Flamenco Island.
We depart from our ferry at 7:00 AM o’clock, we do not expect anyone at that time and all our Extra VIP passengers are on board.

About the trip

The trip lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes, during the tour you can enjoy the view or take a nap.

Enjoy the Trip

In our comfortable catamaran with air conditioning. With any luck you can see dolphins along the way and if you travel between July and October you will surely find many whales during the tour.
Once we arrive at Sonny Island Resort our staff will welcome you and explain the characteristics of our Island. We are an eco-friendly island and take care of the environment, so you have to take some extra measures.
We set sail back at 3:30 PM to be back at 5:00 PM at the Marina Flamenco Pier, Flamenco Island.

Aren't you excited? come visit us!